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  Step 1

  Download the latest release from and unzip it into directory with name "autotests".
Note: RaTM requires Python with version at least 2.0 or higher. Recommended version is 3.1.1

  Step 2

  Open file %install dir%/core/ in any text editor.
Note: On Windows notepad editor (among others) can open *.py files.

  Set variables project_path and python_path in the file Where project_path is the path to you project wich will be tested. And python_path is the path to the python executable.
00007| project_path = "c:/dev/";
00008| python_path = "c:/python/python.exe";
00009| console_encoding = None;

  If console_encoding is set to None then default locale encoding will be used to decode script execution logs.

  Step 3

  Thats it! Now RaTM can be launched.

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